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Like a candle lit in a dark room - the Light always illuminates darkness.

Light brings clarity.  It is CLARITY that determines the quality of our decisions...therefore determining the quality of our LIFE EXPERIENCE. 

Welcome to ClaraVista - where your LIFE meets CLARITY and PEACE. 


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Be Brilliant!  Fully live and be yourself in every moment!

ClaraVista's exclusive classes and meditations will catapult your personal growth in ways you have to see to believe.

Have Clarity!  Be happy!  Bring harmony to yourself and to those around you!

Open to the realization of all your hopes and dreams!

Your happiness will impact those around you!

Give YOURSELF this gift!  

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  Did you know that each individual affects 100,000 others?

As each person becomes happier and more fulfilled, this vibration spreads and impacts the entire world!

Your contribution by attending these Meditations and Events not only greatly improves your own life, but the lives of 100,000 others!

Thank you for giving yourself the gift of happiness, and gifting the World in the process!

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