Awakening into Wholeness

Whether you are a just getting started or have years of experience, we believe you will find, as others have, that this class quickly becomes an enjoyable and essential tool on your spiritual journey towards self discovery.

Accelerating your spiritual growth, Awakening into Wholeness will become a regular resource you'll look forward to!  With fun, informative, and enlightening topics and discussion week after week that activate the Heart center and open you to deeper experiences of love and connection.

You'll experience powerful energy clearings performed by Roshini, which will help to open doorways and clear blockages on the subconscious level for you.  With these pathways open, Light will flow more easily and powerfully within you, resulting in a lightness of being and a greater sense of joy, happiness, and connection.  This experience will grow and grow with every Class.

Greater clarity, as well as the acquiring of practical tools and understanding will keep you motivated and immersed in the process.  You'll find yourself quickly moving forward towards profound peace and a permanent state of joy and happiness that cannot be influenced by external events.

Each Class Participant receives personalized attention through Q&A, Class interaction, discussion and energy clearings performed by Maha Lakshmi Roshini.

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