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How many times have you thought: "Is there anyone for me?
Why do I feel so alone in this room full of people?
Why is it difficult to connect with others?
Why do I feel so alone in this relationship? Should I leave or stay?
How do I create peace and abundance in every area of my life,
including my relationships with others?
Is there a connection between my relationships and my prosperity?
Do you criticize yourself?"
In the Journey Into Happiness we explore patterns of thinking
and the programs in the subconscious mind that determine
what is happening in our lives.
Happiness is an inner state that is not dependent on external circumstances.
It is possible when we no longer live in the conflicted mind.
This state can be awakened within us.
In this Journey Into Happiness, ancient sacred practices, powerful teachings,
meditations led by an awakened teacher prepare us for a powerful
transmission of light so we can experience happiness.
As we make the shift and/or deepen in our embodiment of awakening
which for most people is a "Journey," we become catalysts for others
to also shift and together we build the momentum for the "New Energy"
also known as the Golden Age.

This course will be taught LIVE from India! Take the day off. Trade hours with a co-worker. Do what you must, but don't miss this incredible opportunity! In this course, you will ... Learn from Awakened Teachers in India Shift habits, perceptions and ingrained unconscious patterns. Transform thoughts and feelings beyond limitations and conditioning. Unleash the Power within by deeply aligning with your inner Divine Release past trauma and hurt through 'mystical processes’ for brain and heart coherence. Rewire the brain’s neuro pathways so happiness becomes the norm.

"There is nothing that cannot be faced in the presence of the Great Compassionate Light, which is very available and very alive in each of us." - Bob
"This will change your life. Each process builds on the last and more joy, peace and happiness for you all your brothers and sisters." - Anon
"This is a wonderful and profound experience. Every time I enter into this process, I receive something uniquely extraordinary and beautiful." - Kathy
"Supportive focus and field for self-awakening, opening to unconscious positions, and being receptive to self-compassion and direct connection with luminous presence." - Susan
"If you are looking for a tool to guide you in the journey of moving towards inward joy
and away from suffering, take the course." - Katrina
"The process of healing in this course is simple, powerful and playful.
I will come back with friends." - Nate
"This is an awesome and safe space... so much love, support and peace." - Julian
"This one-day experience is life changing in an easy and joyous way." - Janell

Journey into Wealth and Happiness is an intense one-day course unlike anything you've ever experienced!  Join Tejasa Ji, an Awakened Guide live from India on this full-day of immersion.  From illness, to finances, to relationships, to career, and so on, if you are ready for big change, this course is for you! 

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59 Minutes
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