Lotus Membership

Here's what's included!

A FULL MONTH with UNLIMITED access to the following:

1. Awakening into Wholeness Classes with Private Session format!

-Mondays and Thursdays:
Day Class - 10:30 AM EST
Night Class - 7:00 PM EST

-Fridays - 11:00 AM EST

-Saturdays - 9:30 AM EST

2. Weekly Mini-Courses! - The Language of Energies.  Awaken to the Power Within!

-Tuesdays - 11:00 AM EST

3.  Lotus Festival!  A one hour celebration! Kick back, release stress and enjoy this fun-packed hour of casual and magical celebration!

Wednesdays - 11:00 AM EST

Additional Benefits:
3. Sacredness of Life Meditations
4. Peace Meditation
5. Miracles Classes (available after a certain number of Awakening Classes attended).
6. Personal Guidance and Attention

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