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Our Purpose:  Lotus classes are designed to help you to navigate the often uncomfortable and confusing process of Awakening, so you experience greater ease and heart joy. 

Clarity, support and right wisdom is required in order to stay on track and move quickly out of suffering states and into calm connectedness. 

Through powerful tools and energy clearings that are personalized just for you, Lotus will help accelerate your growth, keep you focused and move you along your path with confidence. 

Your Lotus Membership provides you the resources you need to maximize results and catapult your Journey to Enlightenment in a very powerful way!

Whether you've been on your path for a while, or if you are new, you'll go deep into realms where true transformation and life-changing results happen.  Welcome to the world of Miracles!

You'll find each Lotus meditation and Class brings about profound healing and change.  Literally, the sky's the limit here, so the personal guidance you'll receive will give you the know-how to get the results you are looking for.  It is important to understand your role in the process.  With Lotus, you are guided step by step and supported all the way!

Get started on a life changing Journey, unlike anything you've experienced before!
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