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Brilliance:  What is it to be BRILLIANT? 

Brilliance as defined in our Lotus Classes is the ability to access Infinite Wisdom.  An ability to "see" the "unsee-able".  To "know" the "un-knowable" and to walk the path of Dharma.

To be truly Brilliant takes great courage.  It is to gain Clarity beyond the usual human psyche. 

To simplify, Lotus classes are designed to bring about a great potential within you.  It's all about healing the Heart. Through special processes, you will be guided step-by-step and deeper and deeper into clarity, joy, health and happiness beyond what you thought was possible.

Success in ALL endeavors - be it relationships, wealth, health, personal growth, etc. REQUIRES a movement  beyond what has previously been BELIEVED possible in order to successfully navigate the changing times.  Clarity, support, and right wisdom has never been more necessary than NOW. 

The time has come for something NEW!  Something unlike anything you've ever experienced before.

Welcome to the world of Miracles!  Where true transformation and life-changing results are the norm.  Welcome to Lotus.

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