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Sonia from The Villages, Florida
Lotus Member

The first Journey into Happiness course that I had attended was back in July. At that time, I realized that I had an emotional component that had lodged in the deepest recesses of my brain and needed to be released. I felt that release on that day. During the month, and will Jill’s help, I was able to release a negative energy that kept getting in the way of the relationship between my daughter and myself. Miraculously, both my daughter and I felt the energy had dissipated. It was something I had been praying to have happen for years. My daughter and I were both astounded that the feelings we had felt were no longer there. We are now closer than we ever have been and we both are grateful that this burden is no longer in our lives.
Sonia V. The Villages, Florida

Gerard from The Villages, Florida
Lotus Member

See two pictures of my hand. One taken before attending the Journey into Happiness class...

Photo of my hand AFTER attended the Journey into Happiness class in October... 

See two pictures of wart on left hand. I made one of my two gifts during the Journey into Happiness class to lose my wart and to eliminate a bone spur on my left wrist. I had this wart for 5 years and nothing was removing it. I starting noticing the wart actually getting smaller and now after the 3rd class, it is almost completely gone.  Pictures speak for themselves.

Sandy from The Villages, Florida 
Lotus Member

My name is Sandy Baker and I am not an eloquent writer but I am compelled to say that Jill Marquis and her meditation classes have changed my life. I am coming out of a bazaar, nightmare life event the worst of my 70 years. I experienced an intutive instance when a neighbor called me to invite me for coffee. I told her I was looking for a meditation class and she introduced me to a class led by Jill. I would never had made it otherwise. I was hospitalized for depression and suicidal thoughts In February. This week will be my third court date over my rights to see my husband with Alzheimer’s being kidnapped by his brother on January 14. I just want to see him because I love him so much. The very special Meditations practiced during Jill's classes and during the Journey into Happiness courses have helped me come to closure no matter what the outcome and come to grips with moving forward in my life now and hereafter to make a difference. Only we can change the world with unconditional love from the heart of all living things, forgiveness, prayer and meditation. The teachings I've received from these classes and the support from my Meditation Family have been my salvation!

Dmitry from San Francisco
Lotus Member

Good morning every one! Jill, I wanted to thank you so much for Today’s Sunday Morning Meditation! It was filled with so much Light and Warmth and Love! Even that white Rose behind you was radiating so much Light - Thank you!! Three Miracles of the Day:
1. I could not connect on my desk top to Today’s Medication and almost started to panic. Then, I remember about my cell phone. Went and got my cell phone and was finally able to connect. It did not feel I was getting enough on the small screen of my phone, while doing the breathing exercise, I have restarted my desk top and few minutes later, I was able to connect on my desk top as well. I was getting an echo on my desk top and the cell phone watching both at the same time, so I have tried to disconnect my cell phone. My cell phone refused to disconnect. So I had watch the whole process on both - desk top and my cell phone. Looks like I had to receive a double doze. It is a miracle! 2. While doing the Meditation, and concentrating on my body, I have felt some discomfort around my Heart and My ancestors appeared. It felt like while I was healing myself, I was able to heal them as well and that was a Miracle! 3. Also, one of my most favorite comedian actor had appeared who have actually past a way a while back and he was dressed in the white robe. I could not believe what I was seeing. Then he had looked at himself and in a very funny way said: “Look at me, I am a a Monk now!’. I could not help myself and I have started to laugh. I guess he needed to receive a healing as well! What a miracle!! Thank you Jill again and again!!! Dmitry. 

Margaretta from the Florida Keys
Lotus Member

My miracle today is the realization of how important these meditations and classes are to my life. My schedule now is set up around course timelines. This has become a priority that I enjoy and see many benefits. I am very, very thankful for the first time I met you and the decision to pursue the journey that you presented. Thank you so much for the miracle of you and these classes and meditations.  ​​​​​​​

Claudia from Michigan
Lotus Member

Miracles abound! I have asked for more money so that I do not worry about living too long on the amount I have! I have been asking to relieve the worry and decided to just start asking for more money. I have a decorating business on the side. A client of mine paid me twice the amount he owed because he said I was worth it!  ​​​​​​​