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Meet our Community and see our stories. Millions across the USA and beyond!

Each individual has a unique story. From Facilitators to Participants, hear what people are saying!

Aditi Rewah from
New York, USA 

Aditi offers Classes, Meditations and Golden Age Events in the New York area! Click Here to hear Aditi's story, participant experiences, and about Aditi's next event in New York!
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Carrie Vieira from
Virginia, USA! 

Carrie Vieira offers Meditations, and Golden Age Events in the Virginia area USA!
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Bhimi Cayce shares from the Washington D.C. area! 

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 Jill Marquis from
The Villages, Florida USA!

Jill offers Meditations, Classes and Golden Age Events in The Villages, Florida!  Click on Jill's photo to learn more about Jill, hear testimonials, and find out about how you can attend her next event!

Julia Hanson from
Houston, Texas USA! 

Julia offers Journey into Wealth and Happiness Events in Houston Clear Lake, Texas!  Click Julia's picture to learn more about Julia and her next event in the Houston area!
Julia's Testimonial:
"My experience since this past October Journey course has been that I've been very happy in spite of some back pain issues. I'm seeing the mind's stories when they arise and that seeing cuts off the story and potential suffering immediately. I see easy, smooth and happy solutions to the matters the stories relate to. This includes pet health issues that were really bothering me in the past. Other separate issues that have been around for over a week with service people and insurance company were easily and favorably resolved in minutes this morning! Everything seems to be automatically falling in proper order. This is great!!!"

Kathie Scott from
Vancouver, Canada! 

Kathie offers Journey into Wealth and Happiness Events in the Vancouver area! Click Kathie's picture to learn more about Kathie and her next event in Vancouver, Canada!

Testimonials from Kathie's Journey into Happiness participants:

"After the 1-day process, I started to feel some shifts right away! Mental clarity and focus, expressing myself more, open to connecting with others. I'm going after things that I want to do! I even feel physically more balanced - my feet are more rooted to the ground and I feel more aligned and I'm warmer! Better circulation, maybe?! I'm more grounded mentally too. I feel it when I'm doing my yoga! And I have a tingle in my forehead! Loved it! Thank you so much!" -Andrea, Vancouver "Thank you for the great, magical day of Light!" "My heart is soooo full! My body is still vibrating! So much love and GRATITUDE to you for presenting this Kathie. I had a 9-hour sleep afterwards and I haven't slept 9 hours straight in decades!" -Iris, Vancouver "Thank you for sharing this beautiful day with us all!" Everything was perfect! My energy is soaring today!" -Vicky, Vancouver "That was a perfect day! You worked so hard to put that together for us all and it went so well - the energy was fantastic! And it was so wonderful to have all generations in the awesome 1-day process with us - your offerings are so well-received by all generations - quite wonderful! Bravo!" -Coco, Vancouver "You guys put together such a nice event for the 1-day...and the extra work to have the food and snacks and refreshments makes such a nice atmosphere. Such a nice community, and it was sooo nice to meet everyone - so awesome, kind and loving." -Maya, Vancouver "I want to share that I have had a healing each time I have attended the previous 1-day Journeys into Happiness. The uncovering of the unconscious in such a safe place is the beginning of a truly REAL life! Some of them have taken some time to see afterwards. Such a blessing to find some moments now when I AM HAPPY for no reason, without a trigger of a thought, or anything else causing it! I hope you can join us." -Lesley, Vancouver

Gwendolyn Mitchell from the East Bay Area, California USA! 

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