Teachings Review Classes

In these classes, Jill will expound upon the teachings giving you in-depth, advanced - yet easy to understand applications you can take away for a deeper experience.  Profound teachings, practical tools and practices that you can use to help assimilate the teachings into your life while dissolving stress and bringing peace and clarity to life's challenges.

Join us for insightful and empowering expounding of: AmmaBhagavan Sunday Satsang, Manifest, and Create! ´╗┐Meditation to follow.

Current Schedule:
-Review of Tejasa's Sunday Satsang: Wednesdays at 11:00 AM EDT.
-Manifest Review:  Tuesday following the Manifest Course 11:00 AM EDT.
-Create! Preview:  Tuesday prior to the Create Course 11:00 AM EDT.
-Create! Review: Tuesday following the Create Course 11:00 AM EDT.

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