The Sacredness of Life Meditation
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The Sacredness of Life meditation is a direct transfer of a very high vibration of Light. 
Jill was initiated by Oneness University in India in 2008, to orchestrate this powerful energy transfer.
This Meditation is the newest evolution of the Light to help us on all levels, and is unique to Jill.
Light is transferred directly to the recipient, clearing blockages, and bringing clarity
peace, joy, success, and fulfillment to the receiver.

A Miracle!

My miracle today occurred during the online meditation with Jill. It was an intention meditation and Jill asked us to visualize a white light right above the heart. I started with that vision but soon saw this white light begin to surround my heart. I felt it was Source and the light was so bright I could not look right at it.... only giving side long glances. I heard an explanation that when you leave this earth then you can look right at this light. As I kept glancing at this light which now was around my heart I felt it permeate my heart through and through. I sat in wonderment when suddenly I felt Jill...not physical Jill, but her mind begin tossing things out of my heart like you would throw balls of socks out of a drawer over your shoulder. It didn't last long and then Jill was gone. I saw the bright light coalesce into an orb, but this orb had a sheen like a rainbow around the edges. It was a shimmer of color and was so pretty. Sitting after, I pondered what happened and all I could see was this beautiful orb and I felt immense peace and happiness. Thank you Jill for leading me to discover this today. A miracle, wow. Thank you.

I felt love throughout

I liked the meditation. I immediately felt tingling in my hands and in the front of my body. I was in a counter clockwise vortex for a while. My body was actually moving. I felt the strongest energy when you stopped the music. I felt love throughout. Thank you my Jill!!

I experienced deep peace.

Thank you for offering the new meditation. I experienced deep peace and a spontaneous expansion of my heart. I am looking forward to more of these meditations. Blessings to you!